We carry a wide variety of used guns available for purchase in store and on our online shop. Many of our regular customers collect firearms, and we never take in a firearm we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Since we have an indoor range tube, we are able to check the function of most firearms before they are listed for sale. We’ve seen everything from the pre-ban AK-47’s to Browning’s famous BSS’s down to your everyday Glocks. 


Armory Up offers you the ability to sell your firearm on multiple platforms. If you are local, you can bring us your gun you are wanting to sell. We will appraise your firearm then list in our shop, on our online store and on third party websites. Our standard consignment fee is 15% of the final sales price of the gun minus any additional shipping fees or third party listing fees. If the firearm sells in our local shop, there will be no additional fees beyond the 15%. We will need a copy of your valid drivers license in order to log the firearm into our acquisition and disposition books. If you later decide to pick up your firearm before it sells you will need to fill out a 4473, so we can legally transfer the firearm back to you. At this point, you may incur minimal listing fees from 3rd party websites, we listed your firearm for sale on. Usually, the mimimal listing fee is no more than $5.00. Listing your firearm in store, on our website and on a third party firearms websites give you a huge advantage on selling your firearm as soon as possible! NOTE: If for any reason, you decide to take a gun off consignment and to have it transferred back to you a $25.00 transfer fee will be required for the transfer of each firearm that was on consignment. This $25.00 fee is to pay for our work listing your gun on our website, 3rd party sites as well as in our store. Each firearm listed involves about an hour’s worth of work so please be sure you are willing to part with the gun before bringing it to us to sell for you. Furthermore, keep in mind that not all guns sell overnight and that your gun may take longer than you’d expect to sell due to heavy market saturation.